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Upcoming Events at Press Vinyl Cafe

May 23

Booking An Event at Press Vinyl Cafe

Press is available for live music on Tuesday nights from 7 to 10.  Non-music events can be booked Wednesday through Sunday from 9am through 7pm. Special accomodation can be made for weekend events.
  • Food and Drink

    Coffee and light food service can be staffed
  • Multi-Level

    Guest can stay upstairs or chill downstairs
  • Free Parking

    Street parking is free after 6PM
  • Stage for performances

  • Configurable for tables & chairs or empty

  • Licensed or dry

  • Community and Non-Profit Groups are free

  • In-store sales

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What is the guest capacity at Press Vinyl Cafe

We ask for no more than 100 guests 

Can I play music on some night other than Tuesday?

Out of respect for our neighbours we try NOT to have music more than one night a week. Friday and Saturday nights are available but there can be no music after 10pm. 

Are both floors available?

Yes. The basement at Press can be used as a quieter space or for food or gear storage.  You're not going to want to use it for much else, it ain't that pretty yet. 

Does Press pay musicians?

No. Bands and artists keep all of their revenue from ticket sales, door charges, and merchandise as well as 1/2 of alcohol sales (less the cost of the license). 

Do I need my own musical gear and lights?

Yes and yes. A simple PA can be rented for $35. Long and McQuade is just down the street and they rent pretty much everything, for cheaps. 

What does a private event cost and what hours can be booked?

A private event at Press is $300. Press will close its doors to the public from 4pm to 10pm for paid events. Contact Trevor if you need other arrangements. 

Can I run an art show or pop-up?

Yes. I love that idea!

Can I get my own private liquor license for an event?

Yes. It must be a closed, paid event. You're responsible for getting the license and buying the alcohol. 

How early do I need to book an event?

You should try to book at least a month in advance. This is essential if you hope to sell liquor.

Can I sell my products through your point-of-sale?

Yes. We run on Shopify and that's easy to set up. Shopify charges 2.4% on credit card transactions and 10% on Interac. 

Can I bring my own sales/purchase equipment and system?


Do you provide staff for Events?

We provide cafe and liquor service but not generally other supports such as labour and set-up for lights or sound 

Can my group or non-profit book a regular meeting at Press?

It depends.  I'd love to host regular meetings that serve the community and offer it a 'Third Space' but have to be conscious of the time I need to invest to be there and the consequent time away from my family.  Reach out to me (Trevor) with your idea and we'll talk about it.